Hone and extend your brand

How does your cost of online lead qualification compare with that of your more traditional methods? Can you tie the money you spend on your web presence directly to results and profits?

If you don't know the answer, you're not alone. In no other medium have so many dollars been spent by so many companies without consideration of break-even points, profit-and-loss statements, or any other traditional means of measuring business performance.

We start with a plan: a web presence - a portal, or hub - embracing your brand and offering timely information and images to site visitors. We couple the presence with electronic messaging that reflects your brand. Both of these mediums - the web and email messaging - are uniquely measurable AND easily changed to drive better results. Once up and running, we measure, analyze, and adapt so that you always know where you stand and what can be improved.

TheRackesGroup offers offline marketing as well for organizations who interact with customers and prospects in the brick and mortar world. From business cards to letterhead, brochures to trade show booths, TRG can help you broaden the reach of your brand.  We help organizations like yours move their understanding of performance measurement--and their return on investment--forward.